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A simple html5 game made for the github game off 2012 using GameJS. The code is open sourced.
If you want more technical information check the README file. Also, read the Credits =).

Play It!


W/S/A/D: Move
Mouse: Aim
Mouse Left Button: Shoot
Space: Shoot a Missile
ESC: Pause/Unpause


  • Cloning

    You will clone a new life.

  • Forking

    Your forking power will increase (+1 ammo)

  • Branching

    Branch your laser guns

  • Pulling

    Pull to you every powerup around you for a limited time

  • Pushing

    Your enemies will be afraid of you, believe me.

  • Stashing

    Stash a powerful weapon!


I used a lot of open sourced things and this is where I say thanks.
  • GameJS: a helpful javascript library for game development built by Simon Oberhammer.
  • Graphic Art: I built this game using Kenney Vleugels' space package. This guy is awesome! seriously, please check out his site and his contributions to
  • This site helped a lot for inspiration.
  • Special thanks to Andrés Salazar, who helped me with the music (which is not up yet, but will be) and found some bugs for me.
  • Special thanks to Alfonso Ros, who helped me create the awesome Boss Ship and gave me some ideas for the game.
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